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Electronic Data Discovery (EDD) Services

Our EDD -- Excellent, Dependable, Detailed

Electronic Data Discovery or EDD is an important part to preparing a court case, particularly if you are dealing with a civil lawsuit that relies on a paper trail. Our electronic data discovery services are enhanced by 17 years of experience and knowledge. When you call on us, you can be assured of excellent, dependable, and detailed EDD.

Electronic Data Discovery EXCELLENCE is the rule, not the exception

Excellence begins with one simple premise—listening. We know that no case is alike and your needs for each are different. You will speak to one of our Los Angeles electronic data discovery specialists about what you need and when. We go to work collecting, culling, reviewing and even producing the documents you need. We offer a one vendor solution that assures that reduces errors and communication problems. Our goal is to give you an end product that will stand up to any challenge.

To be excellent in any business you must excellent in serving your customers. We invite you to call us at any time to check on our progress or to ask for last minute additions.

Still not convinced? Ask our customers. Many have been with us since we opened our doors in 1993.

With EDD, it's all in the DETAILS

One lawsuit can yield thousands of documents and electronic data. The job of an electronic data discovery company is to glean the information that is important to the case. This information can include emails, memos, invoices, word order and other important documents from hard drives, CD's and even DVDs.

We cull this information for you and present you with organized, detailed information that will hold up to the court's scrutiny at any stage of the case.

Our EDD Services are DEPENDABLE because you have to count on us

Deadlines are imperative in the legal field. You need an electronic data discovery company that is going to be on time every time. You tell us your deadlines. Our experience can tell you how long it will take to do the job.

We are not like other EED companies that seem to change hands every few months. Our management team has been the same since we opened in 1993. We are still here because our customers know they can count on us. No excuses. No exceptions.

Why manage EDD in house and leave your firm vulnerable? Do you want that liability? Leave the details to us. Call us today for Excellent, Detailed and Dependable electronic data discovery.

Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM)

You can use your mouse cursor to roll over each of the EDRM stages in the diagram below and view an explanation tooltip of the appropriate electronic discovery process:

ImageDepot Document Management:
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