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Don’t you want to have the upper hand?

You know that litigation is expensive and time consuming but sometimes your clients feel blindsided by the costs. And let’s face it. Sometimes even with all the money and preparation, you still find yourself in the loss column. What if there was a tool that could give you the upper hand? There is.

Venio Systems allows you to have a comprehensive look at a case before you settlement negotiations or trial. With Venio’s easy-to-use software, you can break down the biggest barriers in case management—time and money—with first pass review and early case assessment. According to a study by LexisNexis, 64 percent of attorneys surveyed said time was the greatest barrier in early case assessment (ECA). That same survey revealed that ECA accounts for 76 percent of favorable outcomes and a 50 percent reduction litigation expenses.

The developers of Venio know that attorneys do not have time to figure out complicated software and data management tools. So they kept it simple. You can manipulate complicated data into an easy-to-understand report in six steps:

  • Step 1 – Choose the best project specific options
    - Multiple types of Date restriction
    - File type restriction
    - De-nisting
    - De-duping (both global & custodial)
    - Index all text or email body text
  • Step 2 – Loading the data into the project
    - On average we see speeds of 5-10 gb's per hour
  • Step 3 – Once data is loaded, system will provide back an early case assessment of your data set
  • Step 4 – Once the processing is complete, choose desired report
  • Step 5 – Choose to use either analytics and/or advanced searching to do a first pass review
  • Step 6 – Export responsive case data to the specific industry standard litigation support software

Your clients will thank you for giving them accurate data on their E-discovery costs. And you will know upfront how to develop a winning strategy with first pass review and early case assessment.

Stop wasting time and money on E-discovery software and strategies that are not working. Ask us about Venio Systems today.


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