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Early Case Assessment (ECA) Services

Imagine you are preparing to go on a long trip in your car. Would you start without knowing how to get to your destination, how much gas you were going to need and how long it would take to get there? You need to estimate your mileage, make sure you have enough money for gas and you need to have a map or good directions.

When a client asks an attorney to take on a case, he is asking the attorney to take a journey. Estimating the risks and costs of that journey before beginning is what early case assessment (ECA) is about. ECA helps attorneys prepare for a case in the same way they would prepare for a trip. By reviewing electronically stored data and paper files before they are subpoenaed in a lawsuit, attorneys can give their clients a better estimate as to the costs of discovery. This early assessment also allows attorneys to evaluate the evidence of the case to determine if the matter is worth pursuing.

An Early Case Assessment System with the Tools You Need

Our Early Case Assessment system gives you the tools to examine the case. With ECA you can...
  • See Electronically Stored Information (ESI) early. Learn what the case is about before you submit it as part of a lawsuit or you are inundated with subpoenas.
  • Get the embedded files and objects you may need. You are less likely to miss an important document if you are looking at it when you are not under pressure.
  • Our ECA system is suited to large or small projects. Since you pay per gigabyte, you won't spend money for file space you don't need.
  • Search your texts faster and with automated optical character recognition. This makes it easier to scan your image files and get the information you need.
Informed Risk-Benefit Analysis using Early Case Assessment

With ECA, clients and attorneys will have an estimate as to how much a case would cost in E-Discovery and image coding fees. This allows for an informed risk-benefit analysis before a case is filed and thousands of dollars are spent. You don't want to run out of gas before your journey is over or end up at the wrong destination.

Your clients will thank you for giving them accurate data on their E-discovery costs. And you will know upfront how to develop a winning strategy with first pass review and early case assessment. Learn more about how we help you gain the upper hand with Venio Systems.

Our ECA does not require expensive software or hardware and is easy to use. You can manage your costs by estimating the gigabyte fees. Call us in Los Angeles today and let us show you how ECA can save you and your clients' money on E-discovery costs.

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