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Cost Effective Document Hosting

Our Litigation Document Hosting Service in Los Angeles

What if you had one place where all of your documents were stored and everyone had access to them? Our litigation document hosting gives you the latest in technology without the high cost you would expect from such a powerful tool. If you have considered document hosting and looked at a document hosting company in the past, you know that most companies require an expensive investment for licensing fees, user fees and training. With ImageDepot, you don't need to add any expensive software or hardware. Your employees will not have to spend hours training on how to use the site. You pay by the page or per gigabyte along with your monthly hosting fee. The cost is affordable for even small law firms looking for a solution for their document hosting needs.

With ImageDepot, you have the tools usually only available to large firms at your fingertips including:
  • Have you ever wanted your own team of technical experts? When you sign up for ImageDepot these experts are available to you along with the online litigation case management tools.
  • ImageDepot's native review application features powerful searching, sorting and grouping features. You will be able to review files quickly and thoroughly.
  • You will cut down on the cost of copies. When a document needs to be reviewed, you can direct co-counsel, support staff and others to your ImageDepot site. This can significantly reduce your litigation costs.
  • Sharing a file has never been easier than it is with ImageDepot. The files can be viewed by everyone at once on their laptop during a planning meeting or anytime your staff needs to collaborate.
  • Save on shipping costs by reviewing documents on ImageDepotinstead of printing them and putting them in the mail. You can print copies whenever you need them.
  • For attorneys and others who often feel they are trapped in their office,ImageDepot gives them the freedom to view secure files from anywhere. Simply log onto to the ImageDepot site. All you need is an Internet connection.

Why turn to another Los Angeles document hosting company with your needs? With ImageDepot you can have everything you need to manage your litigation costs without huge up front expenses. We have 17 years of experience helping law firms of all sizes manage their costs while saving them time and money. Call us today to learn more about our litigation document hosting plans.

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